Aircon Boys Servicing


When purchasing a new air conditioner, you must remember that in order for the warranty to remain in place, clients are required to service their air conditioners at least once a year, and if you are in a particularly dusty area (South of Joburg for example) then twice a year is recommended. Service charges vary. However they start at roughly R450 per machine. 

What is included in a standard service?

We open both inside and outside units and wash/deodorise the units, and remove all particulate. We also check that the gas levels are adequate and refill/re-gas where necessary. If the units are old or damaged in any way we will discuss with you the most cost effective outcome to repair/replace the damaged part/s.

Condenser units (outside unit) are washed, fans checked, cleaned and gas leaks/issues are addressed upon inspection. Any existing issues outside of a normal service, i.e. compressors damaged (old units) or repairs/replacement of parts required, we will first consult, quote and move ahead once we have the necessary go-ahead. Please be aware that on older units, some parts may not be sourced or cost effectively replaced. In that case, we will discuss options with the client.

Other product Installations

We will install other brand and units, however we will only offer a 3 month workmanship guarantee, please contact us for pricing.